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There are many chapter-related resources online. This page attempts to define and organize them.

Chapter Websites


The current and actively-updated chapter website.


This abandoned website still has some useful historic information.

Social Networking

Our chapter makes use of several public and freely-available social networking tools. Join or follow any one of these groups to keep in touch with fellow alumni and undergraduates.

Yahoo Groups

Our oldest communication outlet, this email listserve has 173 members who have exchanged about 2000 messages since 1999.


More than 225 members have joined our chapter's Facebook group, which makes it easy to share messages, photos, and more.


More than 130 members have joined our chapter's LinkedIn group, which is useful tool for professional networking.


A convenient way to subscribe to timely short messages regarding our chapter.

Address Updates

Our chapter, Elon University, and Lambda Chi Alpha headquarters would like to know how to reach you. Here's how to provide them your current contact information.

Delta-Pi Zeta

Our chapter has an online alumni directory. Update your contact information online and get in touch with lost alumni.

Elon University

Elon has a simple online address update form.

Lambda Chi Alpha Headquarters

The general fraternity maintains a master roll and directory of all initiated members. You may update your contact information and find lost alumni.